The Lobster Festival, in Belize

The weekend begins with the Miss Lobster Beauty Contest and both Saturday and Sunday live music events take place day and night. On Friday, the town of Cayo Caulker chooses the Queen of the Lobster Festival and all the people press under a huge tent to see the parade of beauties competing to take the title that year while clapping for their favorites.

Lobster Festival Parade
The night of the same day begins the ceremony itself and the moments where the girls must demonstrate their skills and the knowledge they have of Cayo Caulker. Oh yes, they also parade in swimsuits and participate in a typical question and answer.

Lobster Festiwal Meet
The musical shows bring to the ears of the visitors traditional and modern rhythms and they are days of pure party, party, drinks and lobster cooked in all the ways that you can imagine and at all times. The truth is that it is very fun to be here when the Lobster Festival takes place. And then, of course, we can go on an excursion to get to know Ambergris Island, the beautiful Blue Hole and the Hol Chan Marine Reserve, another Belizean paradise.