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My Guide Belize is part of the My Guide Global Travel Network born in 2007 and trusted by millions of travellers a year.  My Guide online guides provide up to the minute information and advice about the destinations that we love the most as well as a good helping of hidden gems that only us locals know about!  We aim to inspire, engage and enable users to experience the very best that a destination has to offer.
My Guide Belize is the number one ranking online guide in Belize and the chosen marketing platform for local businesses that want to promote their company, events and services to International travellers and locals alike.  In this ever-evolving digital world we are here to ensure local businesses have an opportunity to stand out from the crowd and increase direct customers 365 days a year!
  • We are experienced - our team are experts in their field with not just a local reputation to be proud and years of understanding what Belize Businesses really want but one that has global recognition for our talent, skill and flair!
  • We have the best technology - our software platform and website is bespoke to the travel industry, SEO tuned to perfection, has the best site speed in the industry and has had millions of $s investment behind it
  • We deliver return on investment for our clients - many other media vehicles both online and offline will make promises about results that they can offer but without the true ability to deliver; it's only the priviledged few that can guarantee results making the role of selling our product both enjoyable and successful
  • We rank higher than other online guides - when a business promotes with us they see results instantly!  It doesn't matter how pretty your website looks or how much you spend on social media advertising, if it doesn't rank in Google and YouTube then the businesses that are featured will not get significant results

No-one knows Online marketing and Belize like we do!
  • Not all positions need a full time commitment so don't be afraid to apply if you can only offer freelance or part time hours as we have positions to suit and contracts to match the role.
For all business related enquieres please contact:

Sebastian Moscuzza 
Email: sebastian@myguidelatam.com  
Website: ​

Local Expert and Country Manager of Belize
My Guide Belize - Part of the My Guide Network