Belize exempts tourist and business visa from Dominicans

Citizens of the Dominican Republic may travel to Belize for tourism or business for a period of up to 30 days without a visa, as reported today by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which has made the necessary steps in this regard.

The Dominican Foreign Minister, Miguel Vargas, explained in a statement that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Belize confirmed that Dominicans entering the Central American country may remain there for a month, exempt from a visa. This provision corresponds to a similar measure of the Dominican Government, which since 2007 allows entry to the national territory of citizens of Belize with only a tourist card.
"With tourism being one of the most important economic activities for both countries, simplifying the procedures for travel between the two nations and exempting the visa requirement is a reliable demonstration that both countries come together to promote high-profile tourism and business initiatives. reciprocal interest, "said Vargas.

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The official made the announcement in the company of Belize's ambassador to the Dominican Republic, Eduardo Lama, during an event held at the Mirex Convention Center.
Both signed a joint declaration in which they highlighted the excellent bilateral relations between the two countries, and underlined the will to energize and deepen them in other areas of common interest. EFE