Hiking in the Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary - Belize

There are many attractions that this country and former British colony has. Some of them are: Glover Atoll, Cayo District, Tikal, Blue Hole and of course the Cockscomb Basin wildlife sanctuary.
The Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary is the nature reserve that helps protect the jaguars. It is not very easy to have the option of being able to observe one, however you may be lucky enough to see them as there are about 80 specimens within the reserve. It is a park of about 100,000 acres of tropical forest and rises from 300 meters to 3,675 meters. Although the main attraction of the park are the jaguars, there are many types of animals that can be seen as well as four other species of wild felines.

Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary, Belize 

Tips for the hiker
It is recommended that you plan your trip well in advance. It is quite expensive to travel to the island and ask for all the passes so good planning will help you save on expenses. In addition to seeing many routes on the island and many things that to be able to visit a good planning will help you make the most of the days.
Belize is an island that do not have any risk and their routes are not complex at all. Therefore you can move around the island independently. Only those people who are not very experienced in hiking or travel abroad should hire a guide.

Jaguar Reserve Nature Center, Belize 

It is important to bring mosquito repellent. Being a very humid area there are an infinity of insects that bite, some of them somewhat painful.
There may be jellyfish in some bathing areas. Before going into the water you should make sure that there are not many and avoid any risk of suffering a sting. It is advisable, if you want to bathe, to do so in the areas where the huts are located so that in the event of a sting someone can help you.
There are many places where you can spend the night. Another option is camping. The price is practically the same so you should choose according to the preferences of each.
As far as clothing is concerned, as there are many insects, it is advisable to wear fine clothes to be able to withstand the heat, but as they can be long sleeves so as not to avoid bites. These garments must also absorb sweat because there is a lot of humidity in this area. Those who have the idea of taking a bath should bring a bathing suit. As far as shoes are concerned, as it is a very humid area with a lot of bathing space, it is recommended to have water resistant shoes.