Southern Belize

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Placencia is in the south and the south of Belize is a glorious land, a particular world within the country with many tourist destinations, a reserve of jaguars, beautiful beaches, citrus and banana plantations and a lot, but a lot of living culture.
Placenica Belize
Here are the cultures of Mopan, Garifuna and Kekchi Maya, for example, you can try the original Mayan chocolate, feel the rhythm of the drums of Garifuna and stroll through the rainforest or the largest marine reserve in the country. The main destinations in southern Belize are Stann Creek, Placencia, Toledo and Hopkins.

Mayans Chockiolade
Stann Creek is a destination for culture and adventure, Mayan mountains, citrus plantations where green blends with other colors and a paradise of golden beaches. There are accommodations of all kinds and for all budgets, there is the colorful coastal town of Garifuna in Hopkins, the Placencia village, the Tobacco Cay islands, the Coco Cay and the coral atoll, for example. Inland there are several natural reserves for you to enjoy watching birds of all kinds, waterfalls and hopefully, some jaguar.
Hopkins is a beautiful coastal town where you can learn about Garifuna culture, its drums and canoes. In addition, on the coast you can dive, snorkel, fish in deep water or simply enjoy the beach.

Further south you run into the fishing village of Placencia with its white beaches, bars, restaurants, shops and hotels. From here you can go hiking in the jungle or the sea. Here the annual lobster festival takes place and you can dive with whale sharks once a year, between February and May.

Lobsters Festival