Find out what to do at home during quarantine by Covid-19

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Social isolation is one of the preventive measures taken by some governments to avoid the spread of Covid-19, so we propose some recommendations of things you can do during your stay at home.

Stay at home and be practical
Take advantage of the time in your home to be useful by sharing with the family and especially with the children, participate and tell us which one you prefer

1. Exercise - Don't let sedentariness take over, establish routines for physical exercise at home during the quarantine.

2. Read a good book - Read the book that you have been planning for some time, in case you look for information on the Internet about the coronavirus, remember to consult only the official sources, in order to avoid false news.

3. Play with the little ones - Develop children's psychomotor activities by creating games aimed at raising their imagination and creativity. 

4. Make time for yourself - Sleep more and try to eat a healthier diet, physical and psychological well-being is essential during this time. 

5. Clean the house - Take advantage of the time to sanitize the house and avoid any infection, remember to use soap or hydroalcoholic solutions for the surfaces.