Diving in Lighthouse Reef

The sites of Lighthouse Reef are 70km from the mainland, more from the southern villages, so I look forward to a full day on the water. The private island of Cayo Largo has a resource that is right at the door and now offers diving. It is better to stay here if you want to see all the sites. There are 15 dive sites in the immediate area we will keep busy for a good few days.

Diving at Lighthouse Reef Atoll, Belize
The marine life of Arrecife Lighthouse is incredibly diverse, with different types of sharks, rays, groupers, large schools of fish and amazing diving where you can search for the life of the big macro hidden in the cracks of the wall. There are all kinds of blenios, nudibranchs, inconspicuous and juveniles, waiting for photographers to break a great photo. Dive trips will start in the blue hole, which is a spectacular view of the surface but not so fabulous underwater compared to some of the other sites in the area. More guides will take all divers directly to 40 meters, so if you are an open water diver, it is better to do your advanced advance or dive another location. In 40 meters although there are some amazing stalactites under the eaves and you will probably see reef and bull sharks, although on the outer edge of the hole in shallow water there is a lovely coral and anemones, ideal for snorkeling.

Snorekling in Belize 

After your first most likely dive you will be heading to any Eagle Ray wall, a steep wall with eagle stripes flying by, black corals, large jack and snapper schools or a turtle passing in the blue, or Half Moon Caye with Beautiful colorful corals, eels, turtles, rays and loads of tropical fish. The last dive is most likely in a place like the aquarium, which is very similar to an aquarium and you can stay shallow to enjoy the wonderful life on the reef here. If you have more time, you should visit sites like the Silver Caves, which is an excellent night dive if you stay on a liveaboard, drifting along the painted wall or spotted shark in nurse shark Ridge and Shark Point, where A hammer could even show his face.

Eagle Ray
There is never a dull moment in diving around Lighthouse Reef. A good day of diving here keep you satisfied that for a while, we hope to know everything about your great diving experiences so you will rate your favorite dive center site so we can share in your experiences.