Che Chem Ha, a Mayan cave in Belize

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Scientists have been studying this system since the 1960s and by the 1980s they had documented about 65 caves, although there are still many that are not yet accessible to the public.

Belize Cave 

An audience that arrives for a walk and becomes more numerous as the years go by. He thinks that while some of these caves are crossed by many people, others still remain undiscovered.

Belize Cave 

There are caves with stalactites and stalagmites and their natural beauty is surprising but there are also caves with Mayan history. Yes, it is that for the Maya these caves had a religious significance: they were the doors to the other world and then they used them to perform ceremonies.

Che Chem Ha Cave
Here, in many of these caves, the Maya celebrated sacrifices to the gods of death and the result of so much activity has left us a group of very interesting caves, with archaeological remains of great value: ceramics, jade, vessels, skeletal remains and much more. One of these caves is the Che Chem Ha Cave.

Che Chem Ha 

The Che Chem Ha cave is located about 16 miles from San Ignacio and near the Vaca Falls and it is necessary to climb a hill for more than half an hour to reach its entrance. It was discovered by a local farmer and is truly unique for its important collection of artifacts and Mayan art. It is special for amateur archaeologists and from the entrance we see decorations of this civilization and a good number of vessels leaning against the walls.

Vaca Falls of San Ignacio
Inside the cave there are many stairs that lead to different chambers that are hidden inside the rock, places with more vessels that still contain remnants of the Mayan diet. The cave is very well maintained and there are guides to prevent tourists from taking "memories."
The highway ends in Garifuna, land of the Dangriga tribe, and from there one can go to the beautiful Placencia and the coastal towns. The people are the friendliest, the beaches are superb, the blue waters, the fantasy corals and the forests a world of amazing fauna and flora. With all this Stann Creek is one of the most wonderful destinations to spend a few days discovering that Earth is a beautiful place.

Stann Creek Placencia 

Dangriga is often called the cultural capital of Belize, it is the capital of the Stann Creek district, and if you can plan your trip it is best to be here on the night of November 18. Then a festival is celebrated that commemorates the arrival of the Garifuna in 1823: there are canoes, drums, dances and music that remember their arrival and their resistance to slavery and deportation.

Dangriga Belize 

If you add to this the white sand beaches of the area, the excursions to the jungle, the keys and the natural sanctuaries ... there is no doubt: Belize is an unmissable destination in the Caribbean.