10 things to see and do in Belize

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10. Ride a helicopter
In addition to diving, you can contemplate Blue Hole from a different perspective, it is a unique experience that will make you will not talk. If you've never been on a helicopter, Belize is the perfect country to do it. Flying over the blue hole can be expensive, but the view of the perfect indigo circle surrounded by coral reefs is wonderful. With a helicopter you will have thousands of opportunities to take amazing pictures. Excursions are offered throughout the country and allow visitors to contemplate the city from above. In addition, pilots will sail you through thousands of different islands. I recommend paying attention to the dolphins, which almost always move around the area! Whether you visit Belize by air or underwater, you will experience a unique experience.

Belize's Great Blue Hole

9. Visit the ruins of Lamanai
This is one of the most amazing Mayan excavation sites in Belize. The ruins are distinguished by their magnificent architecture and landscapes. They are full of tropical forests overlooking the New River lagoon and most of them choose to go by boat. Visitors like to explore the lush jungle, wildlife and local archaeology as they head towards the ruins. Many of them are open to the public and can be scaled to take amazing pictures of the surrounding landscape. Picturesque trails lead from one ruin to another, while the spider and the outcast monkeys accompany you on your way. If you are interested in learning about the history of Mayan civilization, don't miss the Lamanai.

Lamanai Maya Temples & the New River Safari

8. Relax on the beach
The country itself has more than 380 km of coastline and hundreds of islands, so the possibilities for walking along the beach are very large. The Placencia peninsula is an extension of the area surrounded by water "ideal for barefoot walking". It stretches over three villages, offers thousands of restaurants and nightlife, and all the beaches are open to the public. If you're looking for a quieter destination, head to Half Moon Key, a crescent shaped moon-shaped land surface bathed in the Caribbean Sea. One part of Cayo is a sea turtle conservation area, while the rest of the land is a coastal forest with a robin booby sanctuary. There are thousands of spas in this country and whether you choose to visit by boat, helicopter or on foot, you won't regret choosing Belize as your holiday destination.

Belize Beach

7. Dive in the Blue Hole
The Blue Hole is about 120 meters deep and only experienced divers can experience this unique adventure. You can dive in the surrounding coral reefs, but only the most qualified can swim in deep water. There are limestone formations and stalactites. Do not expect to see colorful fish or corals in the deepest place, only occasionally circulate hammerhead sharks. In some cases you can cross with barracudas, rays and reef sharks.

Belize diving

6. Practice tubing inside the caves

There is nothing more exciting than sailing 11 kilometres through underground rivers with a leading flashlight. The adventure begins with a 20-30-minute walk through the jungle, accompanied by a guide who needs to be hired in advance. The guide will provide you with all kinds of interesting facts about the flora and fauna of this place during your trip to the river. Once you get there, you will enter the air chamber and start your adventure immediately. Caves are unique natural structures and waterfalls, rock formations and crystals that await you inside. A visit to the caves takes about 30 minutes and ends with a walk along the river, where you will have the opportunity to meet toucans and lesser spotted monkeys. Don't worry about the equipment, the guides will be responsible for equipping you with air chambers, helmets and flashlights.

Cave Tubing

5. Stay in the jungle
Belize is an ideal place to stay in the heart of the jungle. This country offers thousands of ecological hostels that are ideal for romantic escape, family holidays or something more luxurious. When we talk about ecological hostels in this country, we mean exclusive spas, with huge swimming pools surrounded by trees, first class cottages, exotic birds everywhere and excellent cuisine. Depending on your budget, you can spend the night at the river where zip lines and kayak adventures await you, or you can get to your room by helicopter in the middle of the jungle. Spend the night in one of these hostels and say goodbye to all your worries.

Belize Jungle

4. Visit the zoo
This zoo hides a very interesting story. The project arose in the 1980s after a documentary about the animals of Belize was filmed and its impossibility to be reintroduced into their natural fauna because they were domesticated. Sharon Matola, who was in charge of these creatures, decided to create the zoo and turn it into a rescue center. The Belize Zoo stands out for gathering endemic species in the region and for harboring orphaned, injured or that have been bred in captivity. As many of the animals are nocturnal, the best time to visit the establishment is at night. The most wonderful thing about this site is that it allows interaction between domestic animals and wild animals from the surrounding jungle. Do not be surprised if you cross with snakes, birds and iguanas or howler monkeys trying to communicate with one of their relatives.

Belize Zoo

3. Escape to the island

Visiting the islands and islets of Belize is obligatory for all travelers interested in relaxing on white sandy beaches and crystal clear water. Visitors can choose from hundreds of islands, around 450 to be exact, and should keep in mind that some are more accessible than others. Caulker Key is a favourite solution for backpackers and those looking for luxury. Vehicles are not allowed here, so people have to move on foot or in golf carts. If you prefer more amenities, you will find hotels, water sports, restaurants and bars in Ambergris Caye. For those who want to escape from reality for a while and relax in the sun, Tobacco Key allows you to fully immerse yourself in the local culture, as many islanders will invite you to stay in their homes.

Belize City

2. Scale Ca’ana
Caracol is one of the most visited Mayan sites in Belize and here visitors will find a huge pyramid of Ca'ana. Around 35,000 buildings and other unexploited areas are waiting to be explored. Ca'ana is the most impressive structure of all, and the entrance is really amazing. The most magnificent of these are the views from above. The pyramid is 44 meters high and is the tallest man-made building in the country. The stairs to the highest point are huge and challenging. Above you will have the opportunity to see the jungle and the lush vegetation that surrounds it; stay alert as you can walk with jaguars, monkeys, toucans, tapirs and Arabians.

Belize Maya Ruins

1. Snorkel in the Hol Chan marine reserve
The oldest marine reserve in Belize provides opportunities for diving and snorkeling without affecting the marine fauna of the northern region of the Belize Barrier Reef. To access the place it is necessary to rent a boat and be accompanied by a guide; Crossings can be done twice a day, in the morning and in the afternoon. The reserve is divided into four zones and the most important is Hol Cut Chan. Here fans of diving and snorkeling will discover a great diversity of colorful and friendly fish. Stripes, lobsters and eels are also part of this underwater scenario. The second and third zones house beds of seaweed and mangroves. Shark Ray Alley is the fourth area, where divers will see the nurse sharks that roam the waters up close. The manta rays are other inhabitants of this varied ecosystem and although they are not dangerous, they should be treated with respect.