What to visit in Belize. 5 Places You'll Want to See

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Occupying one of the last unspoiled places on earth just south of Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula, Belize is a beautiful Caribbean getaway. There tourists can rest on the white sand, dive the largest coral reef in the Western Hemisphere, walk through lush jungle and explore ancient Mayan ruins all in one vacation. There is much to visit in Belize for travelers.

This is an English-speaking country with a multicultural population. Belize is best known for its tropical beauty and outdoor adventures. The hundreds of cays and coral islands are also among the best places to visit in Belize, with its stunning beaches and world-class dive sites.

Belize Zoo
Located in the natural forest, 50 km from Belize City, the Belize Zoo is one of the best in the Americas. Many of the animals at the Belize Zoo are wild animals that were kept as pets by individual collectors. The zoo attempts to recondition these animals to return to the wild. This place allows visitors to see the native animals of Belize up close. They are housed in spacious enclosures that closely resemble their natural habitats. Unless you are an experienced wildlife photographer, this is probably the best place to get excellent pictures of the native animals.

Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary
This place is also known as Jaguar Reserve and is one of the largest and most protected destinations to visit in Belize. Although it is believed that approximately 60 of Belize's 700 jaguars live in the sanctuary, the chances of seeing one are very slim. However, it is an ideal environment to see plants, watch birds or enjoy other wild animals. The trail system is the best developed in any of Belize's protected areas. For those who have the time, it is also possible to take a four or five day hike and climb to the 1120 meter peak of Victoria Peak.

Ambergris Caye
The largest of Belize's hundreds of islands, Ambergris Caye is a tropical dream place. Here shorts and flip-flops are the dress code, golf carts are the means of transportation, and lounging on the beaches is the main activity. It is a short flight or ferry ride from Belize City and is one of the best places to visit in Belize. It represents the best Caribbean getaway with classic beaches, world-class accommodations, fabulous restaurants and ultra relaxation.

Built on top of the Meseta de la Vaca, 500 meters above sea level, Caracol is the largest Maya site in Belize. It was once one of the largest Maya cities, with an estimated population of around 150,000. This is more than double the population of Belize City today. The most prominent construction period occurred between 484 AD and 889 AD when over 40 monuments were built. The largest pyramid in Caracol is Canaa which at 43 meters is still the tallest man-made structure in all of Belize.

Big Blue Hole
This is the most popular dive destination in Belize. The blue hole offers several interesting views of the limestone formations that shape its walls. This huge underwater sinkhole is near the Lighthouse Reef. And it creates a perfect circle of deep blue water. The deeper you dive into the Great Blue Hole, the clearer the water and the more impressive the landscape. As you go, the variety of strange stalactites and limestone formations become more complex and intense.