What to see in Belize? Spend a week in this Caribbean paradise PART 2

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We tell you everything you can see and do Belize and our recommendations to spend a week in this paradise.

Snorkeling in the Hola Chan Marine Reserve Is it worth it?
When you ask locals what to see in Belize or what you can do there, there is no shortage of tourist agencies or the same boatmen who invite you to do activities such as: Visit the Blue Hole by boat or visit the Hola Chan marine reserve

Hola Chan snorekling

We were already looking to visit this Marine reserve, but we had our doubts.
Fortunately, Felipe, the Argentine boy we met at the Hostel, had done the tour the day before and recommended us to do it. I do not know wrong! It was one of the most beautiful places where we have snorkelled.
In addition to seeing a variety of reefs and corals we saw, we could see:
  • Manta rays
  • Variety of goldfish
  • Sharks
  • Eels
And we even saw dolphins when we were going back to the pier!

Water life Belize
Doing this tour cost us both 200 BZD (Belizean dollars). In short, you have to do this excursion if you go to Belize. You will not regret.
What to see and do in Caye Caulker? The Split and the main street

We take again a Water taxi to cross from San Pedro to Caye Caulker. (It cost us 19 BZD).
Caye Caulker is much quieter and more relaxed than San Pedro. You will not see so many golf carts running through the streets. Nor will you meet people who want to constantly sell you tours, handicrafts or even marijuana haha.

Caye Caluker dlow time
People in Belize, or at least in the Keys, we were not very kind to say. (Remember that Belize was an English colony that was populated with African slaves, which resulted in a very different culture mix). But what we do notice is that Caye Caulker has a much more relaxed and familiar atmosphere.
Your options for fun are: Caye Caluker, relax in the beach bar 

Other options on what to see in Belize:
  • The Great Blue Hole: This is one of the great natural wonders of the world ideal for living unique diving experience. It may not be the best dive in the country, but one of the most popular.
  • Glover Atoll: A half dozen islets surrounded by an infinite blue sea. It is the one that receives less visits and that is why it is still a virgin.
Glover Atolll 

Mayan archeological sites: Live with the Mayan culture in the towns of the Toledo area or discover the Mayan sites of: Lubaantum 

Ecological parks: Visit the Chiquibul National Park (the largest national park in Belize). Mayflower Bocawina park or the Cokscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary in the jungle. Or take a walk-through Crooked Tree Wildlife Sanctuary, a bird sanctuary located in a fishing village and farmers next to a picturesque lagoon.
Caves: Visit the caves of: Cave Branch