The Baron Bliss lighthouse in Belize

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Especially in the afternoon, families arrive here and while adults talk, children play in a small park nearby.
But what is the history of this lighthouse and why is it called Baron Bliss? Henry Edward Eernest Victor Bliss was one of Belize's great benefactors. He was an English engineer by profession, who became rich very soon and even got a title of baron of the kingdom of Portugal, by direct inheritance. He was a subject who loved the sea but at 42 he suffered a paralysis that left him unable to walk. There he took his sailboat, the Sea King, and left for the Caribbean where he spent five years fishing in the Bahamas.

Baron Bliss lighthouse in Belize
The story goes that he came to the coast of Belize on his sailboat in 1926, very sick due to something he had eaten on the cruise. Although he never stepped on land, he spent a long time looking at the coast from the deck, recovering and came into contact with sailors and officers who came to visit him the months he was there. Shortly after his 57th birthday, doctors told him that he had become ill again and that he did not have much time to live, so he called the ship's authorities in Belize and told them about his fortune and his intention to leave something to the country.

In this way a fund of 2 million dollars was established. The interest of this amount was used to boost many projects and among those projects was this beautiful red and white lighthouse. Baron Bliss liked the idea of ​​being buried near the sea in an obelisk or lighthouse and his wish was fulfilled. March 9 is the day of his death and in Belize it is a national holiday and a race is run in his honor.