Seven things I learned from my trip to Belize

In Belize I could only be 11 days due to how expensive this country is. All my trip I did in San Ignacio, Belize City, Caye Caulker, Belmopan, Placencia, and Punta Gorda.

1- The official language is not common English

Long before I visited the country I had the wrong idea that I would not have trouble understanding Caribbean English, prevalent throughout the region. The reality is that, of all the places I was, 95% of people speak that English so confusing to my ears.
It was difficult to understand them from the beginning, and many of them bothered if I asked them to repeat what they had told me. The few people I could meet with good English were American expats.

2- The country is expensive, but it is still possible to know it without spending a lot of money

By doing Couchsurfing in the main cities and cooking all your food, you can save a good slice of money. Belize, unlike the rest of Central America, it is difficult to visit more than once for its high prices and, in addition, a visa is required (I as a Panamanian had to pay $ 50 to get one).

Welcome to Belize
If you want to make the most of the good that Belize offers without having to improvise, it is best to plan your visit based on the time you have available to visit it.
3- Leaving the country through Punta Gorda was not as complicated as I thought

At the end of my trip I had to return to Honduras. The only way to get there faster and more directly was to take the ferry that leaves from Dangriga or Placencia to Puerto Cortés, although it cost a little more. What I did was go to Punta Gorda and spend the day there.

,Welcome to Punta Gorda - Godbye to Belze
The next morning I took the ferry to Puerto Barrios, in Guatemala, and then take a minibus to the border of Honduras. This tour is annoying, but the truth was not, and it was even entertaining to have stepped on three countries within three hours.
4- Many times express buses are not so express
I had heard comments about some express buses that like to make stops picking up people more than they should. I had the honor of taking an express of such characteristics and, to the worse of ills, the air conditioner blew hot air.

Bus transport in Belize 

5- The dollar as a second currency

American dollars are well accepted, and their use is not limited to tourism alone. Transport and shops of all kinds also use them. Even on one occasion I paid a part of the passage in Belizean currency and the rest in Americans. This advantage is given thanks to the exchange difference between both currencies, BZ $ 2 for $ 1.
Central Bank of Belize 100$
6- Foreign franchises have not taken over the country

Do you like to eat at McDonalds, Pizza Hut, KFC, Subway or Taco Bell? Forget about them while visiting Belize. In all the time I was there I didn't see a single fast food restaurant, giving me a great opportunity to taste more of the local food. In the end, one goes to a foreign place to eat the local, right?

Only regional food in Belize 

7- Most of the road is in good condition

Outside the routes away from the main roads, the rest of the road I could travel by bus without any inconvenience. Only the journey to Placencia was too dusty, and the road is currently being paved.

Roads to Belize
Have you had the opportunity to travel to this country at some time in your life? If so, it would be nice to know in the comments section what lessons Belize let you know.