Central America, the destination with endless water activities.

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Explore the seabed, discover extraordinary creatures of all shapes, colors and sizes, enjoy the refreshing sensation of the breeze, so is Central America, the country that attracts tourists in search of adventure and fun.

Belize is a perfect place to also enjoy exciting sports such as windsurfing and kitesurfing. There are from small quiet coves in the keys, perfect for learning, to areas of waves and strong winds for the most expert. The color of its waters is so transparent and crystalline that fish and manta rays can be easily observed, and it is not uncommon to see even dolphins. Being a country with abundant water sources, canoeing and kayaking are a highly demanded and practiced activity, whose walks will take you to unknown and unexplored places. You just have to paddle and be amazed by this exotic destination!

Kitesurfing in Bellize
Honduras enjoys an incredible coastline that invites you to practice the most fun water sports to fully enjoy your unforgettable and adventurous vacations.

 Standup Paddle in Honcuras

The Caribbean coast of Honduras represents an ideal place for diving or snorkeling, thanks to the wide variety of tropical fish that inhabit it and its beautiful coral reef.

Snorekling in Crystal Waterr Carraiben See 

Scuba diving enthusiasts should head to the islands of the Bay, Roatan, Guanaja and Utila, where they will swim alongside beautiful tropical fish, while enjoying the second largest coral reef in the world. A unique experience!

Diving in Coral Reef
And if what you are looking for is to take refuge in an intimate place, not yet explored, in Tela you can admire a very well preserved coral barrier, since the area has hardly been visited by diving enthusiasts and represents the best kept secret in the bay.
There is no other place to enjoy as much diversity and water fun as Central America!