The best destinations to visit in Belize

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In the following map you can check the location of the destinations to visit in Belize mentioned this article.

 Map destination in Belize

The best places to visit in Belize Gray Amber Key

The first on our list of the best destinations in Belize is the Ambergris Caye. The largest island in Belize offers a relaxed vibe, all tourist amenities, idyllic beaches and many fun activities, such as water sports.

Ambergns Caye

Its main population is San Pedro, which offers different types of accommodation, international cuisine, bars and travel agencies.

San Pedro Beach 

Its most popular attractions are the Secret Beach, the cenotes, the San Pedro Lagoon, the archaeological site Marco Gonzales and the Great Barrier Reef, the second largest after Australia. In it you can practice snorkeling and diving. If you have the opportunity, visit the Great Blue Hole, a giant sink 124 meters deep.

Coral reef in Belize 

Falls caulker

A must-visit destination in Belize, Cayo Caulker or Cayo Icacos is a small Caribbean jewel: relaxed, sublime and unpretentious. It is home to a Hispanic and Rastafarian community and is only eight kilometers long and less than one kilometer wide. 

Some of the activities available on the “affectionate island” are: snorkeling and diving (being very close to the Barrier Reef), tour to see manatees (from April to September), bird watching, fishing and wind surfing. The island also offers several options for shopping and eating. Be sure to visit the beach "The Split", which was created after Hurricane Hattie.

 Cayo Calluker the Split

Saint Ignatius and Saint Helena

San Ignacio, capital of the Cayo district, is a destination where there is never a shortage to do. It is located 35 kilometers from Belmopan and is home to a diverse community with inhabitants from all over the world. For many travelers, it is the starting point to explore the region and the nearby ruins of Tikal (in Guatemala).
From there, it is easy to visit sites such as the Mountain Pine Ridge Reserve, the Chaa Creek Natura Reserve, and the Actun Tunichil and Barton Creek caves.

Actun Tunichil in  Belize
Another of the nearby attractions to visit in Belize are its archeological sites, such as Xunantunich, Cahal Pech, El Pilar and El Caracol.

Cahal Pech Mayan Ruins
During the classical period, El Caracol was one of the most powerful cities in the Mayan world. Today, it is the largest archaeological zone in the country and one of its most visited attractions. One of the best things to see in Belize!
Visit also the nearby town of Santa Elena, connected to San Ignacio with a suspension bridge, which offers affordable lodging options and restaurants.

San Ignacio bridge 

A favorite of locals and visitors to visit in Belize is the Placencia peninsula offering kilometers and kilometers of beaches and luxury resorts. Its three towns offer attractive dining options (especially seafood), as well as shops, hotels and various travel agencies. The Sidewalk is especially popular in the town of Placencia.

Beach in Placenica 

In a matter of activities, the most common is diving, snorkeling and diving, especially in whale shark season. You can also take a boat ride on the Monkey River, to see the howler monkeys; explore the Laughing Bird national park and get to know the Placencia lagoon.

Monkey River 

Another must-see to visit in Belize is the colorful town of Hopkins. It is the cultural heart of the Garifuna population, who settled there in the forties.

Graifuna culture in Hopkins 

This destination is perfect to discover the richness of this culture, through its language, its parties (such as Hopkins Day), its music, its food and its colors.

Welcome to Hopkins
At the same time, in Hopkins you can do other activities such as exploring the seabed, knowing the Bocawina National Park and enjoying the legendary hospitality of its people.

Color house in Hopkins
Belize City

For many years the capital, Belize City is the largest city in the country. It is an excellent option to visit in Belize for its many cultural options, its colonial architecture and its ideal location to explore the country. Some of its main attractions are St. John's Cathedral, Belize Zoo, the Belize Museum, the Government House, the Belize Tourism Village and the Old Belize Cultural Center.

Belize Zoo
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Orange walk

The city of Orange Walk is the fourth largest in the city and an excellent option to visit in Belize if you want to leave the tourist route. There, you can enjoy an attractive mix of cultures, present in your kitchen and architecture.

Orange Walk
The must-see of this destination is Lamanai (submerged crocodile), the second largest archaeological site in Belize, which is reached after a pleasant walk along the New River. Visit the Temple of the Masks, the Temple of the Masks of Jaguar and the High Temple.

Jaguar Temple in Belize
Other alternatives to know are the Mennonite populations, the Bravo River Reserve, the Honey Camp Lagoon and the Banquitas House of Culture.
Glover Reef

The last position on our list of the best places to visit in Belize is the Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary. It is one of the most important sites in the world for the conservation of jaguars.

Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary 

Although seeing these majestic animals is quite complicated, the reserve offers many opportunities to see other creatures, especially birds, as well as to enjoy the flora. You can also climb Victoria Peak, a four- or five-day excursion.
We invite you to know the wonderful country that is Belize!