Rainforest in Belize

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The country is also home to 4,000 species of tropical flowers, including 250 types of orchids. It houses more than 500 species of birds that fly through Belize from wine crops: keel-billed toucans (national bird of Belize); Cigar Jabira, the largest flying bird in the Americas; the rare herons; hummingbirds; Green parrots, a great abundance of macaws, herons and egrets that enchant the eyes of ecological travelers.

Birds of Belize
Toledo, the southern district of Belize, has 1,669 square kilometers of rainforest, mountains, rivers, and Mayan villages. Toledo residents often refer to their home as "the land of the forgotten" - it is the least visited destination in Belize.

Toledo district in Belize
As it is the least popular and least developed region in the country, Toledo is undoubtedly for the uncommon tourist. However, for those with the adventurous spirit of dirt roads, Toledo's natural and cultural diversity makes a unique visit to southern Belize a unique adventure. The land was covered with some of the most pristine tropical forests in Belize. The Northwest highlands consist of the hills of the Mayan Mountains bordered by limestone outcrops - rugged, unexplored territory.