What to wear in Belize

Belize enjoys tropical weather; which means you'll be wearing mostly shorts and t-shirts. Belmopan in particular has larger differences in temperature and less humidity than the coast, but still has relatively high humidity compared to countries further from the equator. Because of this, cotton clothing is a must. Clothing that doesn't absorb sweat will quickly become a nuisance. Belize is a pretty casual country so unless you are attending a formal business meeting, leave the ties and business suits at home. Women are not expected to wear skirts or cover their legs, so shorts are acceptable for females. 

  1. The key to successful packing, whether backpacking or traveling with a roller bag, is to make sure your bag is organized. I always have my stuff divided up into smaller pouches like this:
  2. 1-2 large packing cubes for clothes, bathing suits, and bathing suit covers
  3. 1 medium packing cube for underwear, socks, pajamas
  4. 5 small bag cosmetic-style bags. I have a random collection of bags bought at various H&Ms across Europe, but they are all similar to this one. I have them split up like this:  wet toiletries, dry toiletries, prescriptions and medications, cords, chargers, and converters, and makeup
  5. 1 laundry bag (comes with the packing cubes)
  6. Canvas Tote Bag. This is clutch in Belize. This can be used as a beach bag for beach days, for groceries, and as a go-to day bag for any day where you’re going to be taking it easy and don’t want to lug around something bigger
  7. 1-2 empty gallon ziplock bags and 3-5 empty small ziplock bags which end up becoming necessary on the road (great for open bottles, packing up wet clothes, etc)