Ethnic Groups Belize

Belize is a melting pot of various ethnicities co-habiting in harmony. Today Belize boasts of cultural aspects from different cultures. Here is a timeline listing the current ethnic cultures in Belize and their date of arrival:

Ethnic Group  -  Year of Arrival 
  • Maya - 2500 B.C 
  • Creole - 1800s 
  • Garifuna - 1802 
  • Mestizo - 1847 
  • East Indian, Syrian, Lebanese - 1858 
  • Chinese, Taiwanese, Korean - 1865 
  • Mennonite (Dutch/German farmers) - 1958 
  • Central Americans - 1980 

The first to inhabit Belize was the Maya; the Maya civilization is indigenous to the lands of Belize since 2500 B.C. Then the Garifuna migrated to Belize around 1802 after running from British invaders. Shortly after, the Mestizo fled from the Caste War of Yucatan to the northern regions of Belize in 1847. At about the same time in the 1800's, the Creole were being born into Belize from African slaves and European merchants.

With indentured labor, the East Indians and East Asians were brought to Belize in 1858 and 1865 respectively. They were followed by the Mennonites who came into Belize in 1958 pursuing a life free of religious persecution and the pressures of modern society.