Belize Phone and Internet

Phone Service 
Digi (previously BTL) is the largest phone and cell phone service provider in Belize. However, there is also a new company, Smart!, that has been gaining popularity in the cell phone market recently. Smart! offers lower prices with the drawback of requiring proprietary cell phones (and thus limited choices).
  • Digi - Largest phone and cell phone provider in the country
  • Smart! - Newer cell phone provider 

Internet Service 
Digi (previously BTL) is the largest Internet service provider in Belize. So much so that it is regarded by many as a monopoly. However, 27 companies have been granted licenses to provide Internet in Belize. At least one other company, Southern Cable Network (formerly known as MirrorNet), is in Belmopan and has started to offer Internet service again. Many people also use satellite service to connect to the Internet although there can be a delay in connection speed. For some remote areas satellite or wireless services are the only options.
  • Central Cable Vision - CCV is one of Belize's top cable providers and they also offer premium internet services
  • Channel Broadcasting Cable - CBC is another of Belize's top cable providers and also offer reliable internet services
Belize International Calls 
Using Digi (previously BTL) to make international calls is very expensive. Smart has somewhat cheaper international calling, but it is still quite high by foreign standards. The best way is currently Voice Over IP. This is a very cheap method of calling internationally. We recommend Skype for Voice Over IP calling.

However if you must use a phone try adding 10-10-199-1-the number to call the US:
  • Digi International Call Rates  
  • Smart Belize International Calls