Belize Currency Exchange & Time

Belize Time Difference 
Belize is on Central Time Zone except during daylight savings time. Since Belize does not observe daylight savings time, we are on Mountain Time Zone during this time.

Belize Currency Exchange 
What is the unit of currency in Belize? The Belize Dollar. One U.S. dollar equals two Belize dollars. For several decades now the BZ Dollar has been tied to the U.S. dollar at an official rate of two BZ Dollars to one US dollar.

A lively parallel market usually gives BZ$2.05 for U.S.1.00 Dollar. US dollars are gladly accepted throughout the country. Visitors with US dollars do not need to worry about changing their money into local BZ dollars – it doesn’t make much sense. BZ Dollars are generally worthless outside Belize and the few places that might change them, for example at foreign exchange abroad will offer little for it. BZ dollars are readily accepted in the towns immediately across the borders at Melchor de Mencos in Guatemala and at border with Chetumal in Mexico. Strangely, the BZ Dollar is not accepted at the Corozal Free Zone inside Belize at the Northern Border. Only Mexican Pesos and the U.S. dollar are negotiable there. This a deliberate attempt by government to capture as much foreign exchange as possible.

There is no need for a BZ Currency Converter as the BZ Dollar by law is tied to the U.S. dollar at a fixed rate of Two BZ Dollars for One U.S. Dollar, i.e. One U.S. Dollar equals Two Belize Dollars. In practice the BZ Dollar is officially accepted at a slight fluctuation – usually $2.0175 BZ for one U.S. Dollar – but this really applies only when purchasing a bank draft for example. We advise expats and Belizeans NOT to purchase bank drafts. The Belize government in March 2017 introduced additional taxes on foreign exchange purchases. It is is better to keep your foreign exchange outside Belize in a bank in the U.S.A., Canada or Europe. That way you can purchase items abroad and have them shipped to Belize at a reduced cost.